Published on July 14th, 2013


The JOURNAL OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION, JRCC, is an online media and content platform that collects topics about the notion, information and analysis of risks as well as risk and crisis management and communication related articles, studies and opinions.

JRCC is independent from any institution. The major part of the content stems from authors in academia, media, enterprises, from NGOs or other supranational institutions, government officials and engaged citizens. Some of the JRCC content is produced by a the editorial team or free-lancers. New contributions are added on a regular basis. For unlimited access to the JRCC archives, readers have to become subscribers.

The Journal works closely with the academic world and intends to unlock expert and scientific knowledge and make it accessible to a wider audience. JRCC cooperates with companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions. The journal is eager to develop community awareness, develop discussions and to inform and alert the general public concerning hereto unknown or underestimated risks.

The JOURNAL OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION was founded by Herbert M. Koch in July 2013. Today, Herbert M. Koch is the editor of the Journal. The JRCC is registered in the United Kingdom with Companies House as a Company Limited by Shares.


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Email: editorial@journal-rcc.com

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