Published on June 5th, 2012


The JOURNAL OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION, JRCC, is an online media and content platform that collects topics about the notion, information and analysis of risks as well as risk and crisis management and communication related articles, studies and opinions.

The JOURNAL OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION wants to provide an information and exchange platform of high quality and clarity to its readers that enables them to define their own sound judgments with regard to all kind of risks and risk related issues based on unbiased information.

The journal is impartial and aims to give voice to everyone, be they risk bearers, victims, regulators or risk producers; we understand progression often occurs after a risk is first taken.

The aim of the JRCC is to reduce the growing imbalance of the information and competency levels of the multiple stakeholders related to a given risk, whether of natural or technological origin.

JRCC believes that informed citizens are vital to face the challenges of an increasingly risk-ridden world.

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