Published on September 1st, 2015

  Dear Reader, At the time of a crisis, human beings that have not had any previous crisis management experience or training, tend to do exactly…Read more

Published on June 5th, 2015

Dear Reader, “Redefining risk perception and risk ownership” is the title of our interview with Alex Kaplan, Vice President at Swiss Re, and the first contribution…Read more

Published on April 4th, 2015

Dear Reader, In our next editions, we will publish several contributions that will report on how various stakeholders, the government, private enterprises, individuals and communities deal…Read more

Published on March 15th, 2015

Dear Reader, The Journal of Risk and Crisis Communication has become a globally appreciated platform for the publication of risk and crisis management and communication related…Read more

Published on February 27th, 2015

Dear Reader, The audience is an important factor in defining the appropriate message and tool in the process of creating the risk communication strategy. Audience analysis,…Read more

Published on December 12th, 2014

Dear Reader, With church services, funerals and memorial minutes on the oceanfront thousands of people remembered this Friday, December 26, 2014, the tsunami disaster in Asia…Read more

Published on November 26th, 2014

Dear Reader, In 2012, a verdict against an Italian group of experts and scientist outraged the international community of seismologists. The convicted were accused of “inaccurate,…Read more

Published on October 20th, 2014

Dear Reader, In this month edition, you will find a contribution of the chief editor Pierce Nahigyan who is the Editor-in-Chief of Planet Experts. Planet Experts…Read more

Published on September 6th, 2014

Dear Reader, In this edition, we are pleased to present to you contributions of Douglas Bedell who has initiated a social network named and an accompanying blog, SimplyFair,…Read more

Published on August 1st, 2014

Dear Reader, It is not summer as usual. There are too many dramatic events going on or looming ahead of us. For many, this is not…Read more

Published on June 28th, 2014

Dear Reader, Strawberries, fruit plant of eight main species, native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere but widely cultivated in the Southern Hemisphere as well,…Read more

Published on May 30th, 2014

Dear Reader, The Association of Risk and Crisis Communication in Portugal is working on a seimsic risk communication audit. This project takes place in three Portuguese…Read more

Published on May 1st, 2014

Dear Reader, For the first time, the Journal of Risk and Crisis Communication publishes an edition with a selection of universities and higher education institutions around…Read more

Published on April 1st, 2014

Dear Reader, This edition offers contributions in view of the Crisis and Risk Management Summit that will take place in Kuwait City from May 4 –…Read more